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2 amazing gigs announced for summer 

We are really proud to announce these two incredible bills for June, the 25th and July, the 25th in Paris and near Marseille, opening for those two North American colossuses: CRYPTOPSY and MORBID ANGEL!


Studio update: new album tracking 666% done!

We are glad to announce we have just finished recording vocales and all instruments for our upcoming second album.
Recording process starting long ago, back in october 2016 when Alsvid entered Bud Studio.

Like for the recording of Scorn Aesthetics, the drums have been recorded by Gorod’s Mathieu Pascal.

Next up were Olivier and Pierre-Yves, tracking guitars in early November at Pierre-Yves’ Ubik Mastering studio.

In december and January, Arnaud went back to the studio to track bass lines.

Last but certainly not least, Axel recorded his vocals for the 8 new songs during april 2017.

The list of songs recorded is (in no particular order) :

  • Enclosing Terror
  • Verses Void
  • The Disappearance of I
  • Symbiosick
  • Led by Flesh
  • Spellbound
  • The Floating Point
  • Mechanical Enlightenment

The upcoming album will also include two additionnal intro/sample tracks.

Now that tracking is finished, Pierre-Yves will start mixing and then mastering and we hope the production will be done by the beginning of summer.

We will post a new update then, revealing artwork, tracklist and album title… and possibly a preview song!

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